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As mentioned above, Boxwood shrubs do not require pruning but respond very well to it.

If your boxwood needs a serious rejuvenation and you are planning to prune it to the ground, do it in late winter or early spring. Boxwoods pruned in this manner may take a few years to recover. Still, it might be necessary in cases where your shrub has been severely Missing: Maitland FL. Jun 29, Selective pruning to remove a stray or damaged branch can be performed any time of year on Boxwood.

Shearing plants to form shapes or hedges can be performed almostany time of year. However, to avoid damaging new growth that typically emerges after pruning, cease pruning two months prior to the average first frost date in your treecontractor.pwg: Maitland FL.

Prune boxwood each year in spring; it is okay to touch up the plant's shape or straying branches throughout mid-summer. Be sure not to prune and shape your boxwood in late summer or early fall. When you prune the plant, you encourage the cut branches to grow. They might not recover from the cut in time for treecontractor.pwg: Maitland FL. Apr 23, Season for trimming boxwood For those boxwood shrubs shorter than about 3 feet (1 meter): the best time to prune is around April-June and August-October.

So, in short, they are pruned twice, and a tip to remember this is that these are the “A” Missing: Maitland FL. Yes, you can prune hard or trim boxwood shrubs to the desired height depending on the time of year. Major pruning should be done in the late winter to early spring. Touch up trimming can be done all spring and summer.

Avoid pruning in early fall into early treecontractor.pwg: Maitland FL. Oct 25, Boxwoods are grown mainly for their green foliage and not the seasonal flowers. Further, timing the pruning in accordance with the seasonal bloom may lead to overgrown shrubs.

Try to prune heavily before the growing season begins, usually before spring. During the growth period, prune regularly but treecontractor.pwg: Maitland FL.

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