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Wait at least an hour after watering to start cutting things.

The ideal time to pay attention to your shrubs is during winter since the leaves are long gone and most woody plants are dormant and therefore this is the ideal time to give the shrubs a trim. At Hedge Trimming Guys in Ocala, FL you will find out why, what and how to prune the shrubs. Dormant season is good for trimming the shrubs as one can see the remaining branches clearly, the experts at Hedge Location: Ocala, FL.

Trimming palm trees. Unless a palm is considered"clustering," sending up many shoots, never cut a palm tree's trunk. The head of a palm is its heart and soul, and if you chop its head off it's a goner.

Many multi-trunk palm specimens are considered"solitary," but with 2 or 3 palms planted together. Solitary palms cannot be cut treecontractor.pwg: Ocala FL. May 03, Shrubs should be trimmed back to a height of no more than three feet. An option would be to trim shrubs up from the bottom. Either way it would make that bush less likely to be a hiding place. Sep 17, Prune flowering hedges after they've bloomed in order to avoid cutting off buds.

Renovating Shrubs. If you've seen older shrubs that look like giant stems of broccoli, then you've seen shrubs that are ready for renovation.

Shrubs that aren't properly pruned over the years can become tall and leggy, bushy and oversized, or just plain treecontractor.pwg: Ocala FL. Oct 17, In north and central Florida, prune ornamental grasses in February and March. In South Florida, you may wish to cut back or trim ornamental grasses in January or February. For deciduous grasses like some Miscanthus, the old foliage may be completely removed with a.

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