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You will not be able to take all of the root since the.

Sep 21, Fall is the best time to dig up a lilac tree, as the tree is dormant at that time. The root system of a lilac tree is deep and wide, often creating a large rootball requiring two or more people to pull from the ground.

Measure the diameter of the tree trunk. May 08, Now that 6 months or a year have past. Wow, that went fast! LOL You can first remove the rock and make sure your branch has rooted to the ground. With a sharp shovel, you want to dig up your new lilac bush. Dig approx. inches around the outer edges of the rooted area and bring as much soil as possible up with the rooted lilac treecontractor.pws: 6.

May 02, Early spring until late spring, from when the lilacs develop buds until they actually have small leaves, is the best time to transplant. If you have lilacs growing in your yard -- or if you have a friend who has lilacs -- and you would like to start some new lilac bushes, here's how: 1.

By Becky Harris.

Decide where you want to transplant the lilac bush or bushes. Digging up a lilac. I'm in the process of trying to dig up a common lilac that's about 15 years old probably. I grew it in a tree-form, so it has only 3 main trunks. I cut the trunks off at ground level, and dug a trench about 2 feet from the trunks all around, cutting through the roots.

Aug 20, Chaste tree is known as Vitex Agnus-Costus. and the cultivar called"Shoal Creek" is what we can get.

Do you see how many new lilac bushes I have?

Native to southern Europe and central Asia. Flowers are shaped like a lilac, is a purple color, very fragrant, and grows to ' in this area. Perfect for zones we're in zone 9. Jun 03, One solution to the problem of removing old lilac bushes is pulling them out. Watering the ground around the plant thoroughly helps loosen the soil.

You can try pulling out the roots by hand if the plant is young. Use a shovel and hoe to dig down on all sides, exposing the roots. Use the shovel to remove the entire rootball. Jun 04, Lilac suckers, also known as lilac shoots, are a much faster way to start new lilacs than cuttings. Spring is a great time to do this as the soil is moist and.

If you have a problem with lilacs that have grown too large or you simply want to remove dead lilacs, you can remove the roots and trunks yourself. 1 Dig around the base of the lilac bush using a.

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