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How to prune an apple tree. 1. As the young tree grows, prune to the desired shape. For the first couple of years, shaping is of more importance than fruit production. 2. Professionals recommend that pruning be conducted in early summer to avoid possible fungal problems. 3. Apples tend to develop a lot of internally crossing and congested branches.

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Now is the time to start summer pruning Apple an Pear espaliers. Aim for the end of July to mid August. The reason you Summer prune is to restrict growth (after all an espalier is a restricted form) and to let in light to help the fruit ripen. The light also encourages buds for the following season, so everyone’s a. As most espaliered trees are subjected to intense pruning and ‘braking’ of growth with training, in general, semi-dwarf or vigorous rootstocks should be used in all but the most fertile soils.

Aim for the end of July to mid August.

For clay soils, select rootstocks that perform well in this soil type. In highly fertile soils with irrigation, dwarf rootstocks. Hi Kath, espalier trees benefit from summer pruning and winter pruning.

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In summer if you cut back the long branches that shoot up, a fruiting spur should appear and so cut back above the fruiting spur. Vegetative growth are long skinny branches, fruiting spurs are shorter fatter stubby branches. Prune to maintain shape. Tui Team.

To espalier an apple or pear tree, plant it, then prune the tree to the height where you want your first tier (just above the first wire) and where there are several strong buds just below the cut. YEAR 1, SUMMER Come spring, the buds will shoot. In summer, train one shoot vertically, one to.

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